Encouraging a Safety Culture in the Workplace

    Posted on: December 1, 2015 by Signature Insurance Group

    Depending on your area of business, the workplace can be a very chaotic area, and accidents may occur that cause injuries. Many of these accidents are due to external factors, but many more are due to employee’s behavior due to a lack of a strong safety culture. While you want to make sure you have the best So Cal Workers Comp Coverage available, here are some things to remember when creating a strong safety program for your workplace.

    • Define Responsibilities- While there should be at least one person in charge of the safety program overall, safety is the responsibility of every employee. Make sure that all employees are aware of your vision for the safety culture and that they understand their roles in obtaining the goals that have been set.
    • Accountability- Be sure that everyone knows that they are responsible for reporting any and all incidents that occur whether it was something that happened to them or that they saw someone else do something unsafe. This is especially true for supervisors as they are the leaders that set the tone for a positive safety culture.
    • Options- Many employees may be hesitant to report incidents because they either do not feel comfortable talking with a supervisor about the situation or are afraid of causing conflict with their peers. Ensure that there are multiple options for reporting incidents both directly to management and anonymously. Everyone must be comfortable and trust each other in order to work together to see safety culture improvements.
    • Investigate- Investigation is a crucial aspect of a safety culture. Every time an incident is reported there must be a quick and efficient investigation into the root cause whether it be equipment malfunction or employee negligence. Once investigations are complete address any and all issues.
    • Celebrate- An integral part of the safety culture is celebrating success. Reward employees for reporting incidents to encourage reporting rather than hiding issues. Celebrate small achievements to start, such as a month without incident, to help promote long-term success. Get everyone involved to help keep them motivated.

    Having a strong safety culture within your workplace is not only essential to the health and safety of all employees but it helps avoid workers compensation claims that would ultimately take away from your company profit.

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