Work Life Balance: What Your Employees Really Want

    Posted on: April 18, 2017 by Signature Insurance Group

    As part of our article series on what your employees really desire from their workplace, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can help to improve their work/life balance. This subject is one that is frequently discussed, and employers don’t often know how they can contribute to this effort. As we explore this highly sought after balance, ensure your operation is protected with an Orange County EPLI policy.

    It might seem like an impossible dream to keep your employees content, achieve optimal efficiency, and give your employees the flexibility they desire. However, the following recommendations can be used to improve work/life balance in your business.

    • Work from home – If you’re not comfortable with full time remote employees, consider offering working from home one or two days per week. Or, if you are holding meetings, consider allowing your employees to tune in remotely with the help of technology.
    • Restricting work hours – Do not require your employees to be “on” once they clock out for the day. Bringing work home with them will cause burnout and even absenteeism.
    • Focus on outcomes, not 40 hours per week – High productivity doesn’t necessarily come in 8-hour segments. In other words, productive employees may get their work done efficiently, and not need to be at the worksite a full 8 hours every day, explains HR Advisor.
    • Set a good example – If your management team lives the work/life balance dream, your employees will feel more at ease about implementing it, as well.
    • Promoting breaks during the day – Encourage your employees to take breaks and refresh their minds during the work day. Not only will this boost productivity, it will also reduce the need for them to stay late to complete their tasks.
    • Increasing vacation days – Many companies are now implementing an unlimited vacation policy. While this might seem unfeasible, this is a huge motivator for employees to stick with their companies. If that’s too much, increase vacation days, allow time off for achievements, and encourage your employees to take advantage of their vacation days.


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