Top Tips for Tenants

    Posted on: August 17, 2016 by Signature Insurance Group

    If you’ve decided to rent an apartment, you are not alone. Not only is this cost-effective housing option convenient, there are plenty of options available to accommodate almost anyone. With that said, here are a few tips that help the renting process run smoothly. In addition, don’t forget to secure your belongings with a customized So Cal Renters Insurance policy.

    Bring paperwork.

    Bring your rental application, credit report, proof of income, and any references you have to really impress the landlord. Especially if it’s a competitive market, coming prepared will set you apart from the competition.

    Get it in writing.

    To prevent disputes, get everything in writing. Keep copies of any correspondence and follow up an oral agreement with a letter, setting out your understandings. For example, if you ask your landlord to make repairs, put your request in writing and keep a copy for yourself. If the landlord agrees orally, send a letter confirming this.

    Understand your privacy rights.

    While your landlord might need to enter the apartment periodically for repairs or emergencies, understand your rights as a tenant and the privacy you are entitled to. Review the policies on entering your rental unit and uphold the amount of notice your landlord must give before coming in.

    Demand repairs.

    The vast majority of landlords are required to offer their tenants livable premises, including adequate weatherproofing; heat, water, and electricity; and clean, sanitary, and structurally safe premises, says the article. If not, you are entitled to withhold rent payments, deducting repair costs from your rent, and even move out without penalties. Know your rights of living in an inhabitable space and don’t let up!

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