Worksite Safety

    We talk about worksite safety in broad terms sometimes, but it’s really a detailed matter. Your loss control program not only has to comply with OSHA and other standards, it has to appeal to those who are supposed to use it. If they hate or don’t care about it, your participation rates will suffer.

    At our agency, part of our loss control service is dealing with the nuts and bolts of implementing worksite safety. We offer actionable plans that you can implement at low or no cost to help with a variety of workplace safety needs, including:

    • Safety meetings
    • Lockout/Tagout programs
    • Vehicle fleet safety
    • Ergonomics and safe lifting
    • Commercial drivers
    • Forklift use
    • Heat illness
    • Workplace violence
    • Falls from heights
    • Cave-ins
    • Disaster response
    • Much more

    Each industry has its own loss trends and exposures, so our agency’s risk management professionals specialize in different segments as well as coordinate across disciplines. You will not get broad recommendations from us.

    Custom-Designed Programs

    We focus on prevention as well as response and provide a multimedia educational menu so you can reach all kinds of learners. If you want to do more than provide short onsite checklists and reminders, we can help you design full programs for all levels of staff. We also understand how rewards factor into adoption and will work with you on ideas to acknowledge and incentivize jobsite safety.

    Experience the Difference

    We’re aware that most businesses have staff ranging from the most experienced veterans to new recruits and even summer interns, so we help you with safety initiatives that accommodate each employee tier. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to hear more about how our risk management professionals can assist you with an effective, affordable worksite safety protocol and begin experiencing our best-in-class service.