Policy Auditing Services

    Ever sit in a room with a guy who was trying to sell something he didn’t really know much about? It’s a waste of time and money, but it’s not uncommon in the world of business these days.

    At our agency, we bring only expertise and integrity to each of our business relationships. When you meet with us, you will instantly be impressed by how much we already know about your organization and how much more we want to know. The business of our clients is our only business! And we work hard to understand each client thoroughly, both in their history and their future plans.

    Part of crafting a full insurance and risk management program involves understanding where you’ve had problems in the past and how you’ve responded to those problems. A policy audit can reveal a great deal about your claims history, your coverage gaps, and excessive coverage where it’s not really needed. By taking a detailed look at your insurance contracts, your business-to-business contracts, your employee rosters and payroll, your finances, your governance documents and your forward-looking plans, our policy-auditing specialists can help you prepare for insurance renewals, end-of-year workers compensation audits, and general risk mitigation improvements.

    Experience the Difference

    Self-auditing is a prime way to avoid costly surprises at renewal time and overcharges in general. It can also help to catch errors that could be used against you by insurers and claimants. Doing it yourself, however, can be an unproductive nightmare. Our agency offers policy auditing as part of our risk management value-added services, and once you see how thorough we are, you might change “value-added” to “invaluable.” Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to learn more about our policy auditing and other services.