Loss Control Services

    Have you heard stories about major losses at businesses and wondered, “Why didn’t they just…?” If you’ve ever asked business leaders that question after a catastrophic event, you’ve probably found a set of typical responses, including:

    • It just never crossed our minds.
    • We knew that was a danger, but we didn’t have the time or resources to deal with it.
    • We had it on our to-do list, but it just never got to the top.
    • We had a plan in place; it just didn’t work.
    • We figured we had insurance and that was enough.

    Risk ignorance isn’t bliss. In fact, it can be ruinous. We shine a bright light on the details of risk exposures you face and offer quantitative analysis and qualitative solutions to control losses at your organization.

    We provide more than just chatter. We offer education and thought leadership that can be used in your strategy sessions as well as easy-to-use, actionable programs that work on multiple platforms—email, tablets, mobile phones and flyers/posters—that bring loss control checklists, reminders and alerts to the forefront of line workers’ and executives’ minds.

    More Than OSHA Safety Cartoons

    Our agency’s loss control program is a sophisticated but user-friendly method that uses leading technologies, input from your industry’s experts, vast amounts of data and tried-and-true employee-interface schemes. We put a dollar sign on our suggestions so you can use our cost-of-risk analysis to decide what options are best for you, and we have professional relationships with the best outside providers for advanced services—such as security, accounting, employee assistance programs and legal, for instance.

    Controlling financial bleeding is more than a clever “best when a loss never happens” maxim. It’s a nitty-gritty granular look at data, claims history, risk management effectiveness, employee cooperation, industry segment, plaintiff’s bar innovations, court actions and regulatory changes, to name just a handful of the factors influencing your loss control programs. Our agency gathers and tenaciously holds onto details to get a universal picture of loss potential at your company, then designs tailored programs that strike at the heart of risk.

    Experience the Difference

    Contact us at 800.464.3606 to talk to our risk management team about how we can affordably improve your loss control as part of our top-notch service.