Claims Assistance

    When you need to file an insurance claim, the last thing you feel like dealing with is a hundred phone transfers and forms that you’re not sure you’re filling out properly. You want to talk to someone and find out exactly what’s needed and who handles what. You might even need some level-headed advice on legal consultation, media relations and internal communications at your business.

    We help you navigate the sea of insurance claims administration, and we stick by your side as an advocate if there are any problems—all the way until your claim is resolved. We are there to listen to your concerns and offer guidance and advocacy where needed.

    Using Claims Data as A Strategic Resource

    More than real-time claims help, we’ll also follow through with analysis of loss patterns, loss frequency and loss severity. Your claims data provide a rich resource that can be used to help you with loss prevention, safety awareness and identifying potential gaps in your insurance protection. That information also helps us analyze your insurer’s response so we can interface with them on any improvements needed.

    We know our carrier partners and work with their claims professionals—from adjusters to administrators—to secure the best outcome for our clients. That relationship, built over 40 years of operating in the industry in Southern California, is a real benefit to our insureds and sets us apart from many general brokerages. Our national footprint gives us a leg up on the competition as well.

    Experience the Difference

    Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to learn more about our full range of risk management offerings and to experience our elite service.