What You Should Know About So Cal Renters Insurance

    Posted on: June 4, 2015 by Signature Insurance Group

    Southern Californians are immensely aware of the high costs of renting, plus all the intricacies involved with the process such as moving costs, pet ownership rules, landlord stipulations, etc. While considering all these factors, however, one important issue that renters frequently overlook is the need for So Cal Renters Insurance.

    You may be thinking, “But I thought as long as my landlord has insurance, I’m protected, right?” This is actually a common misconception. Your landlord’s property or homeowners insurance typically will only cover the structure of the rental property. This doesn’t include the contents within. Think about all the items you own; not just the valuables. You likely have furniture, books, kitchenware, clothes, electronics and more. Chances are, especially as a renter, if these were all lost you could not afford to replace your belongings.

    So what exactly does So Cal renters insurance cover? If the building you’re renting in is burglarized, vandalized, or subjected to fire or a severe weather phenomenon that damages the contents inside, your policy will financially cover the loss. Renters insurance also protects your personal liability; if someone were to injure themselves while on your rented property.

    U.S. News reports another common misconception about So Cal renters insurance that often makes renters hesitate to purchase a policy; that it’s too expensive. Any insurance policy can become pricey if you aren’t careful and don’t ensure that you are getting only the coverage you need. However, renters insurance is much more affordable than homeowners insurance; and you may even be able to get a multi-policy discount by combining your policy with another, such as So Cal Auto Insurance.

    At Signature Insurance, we understand the insurance needs of renters throughout Southern California. Whether you are in 500 square feet or renting on 15 acres, we have a policy that is suited to your needs- even if that includes high-end items such as art, furs, or collections. For more information about our renters insurance policies and other Southern California Personal Insurance lines, please contact us today at 855.972.9437.

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