Personal Umbrella Insurance

    It hardly seems like there could be anything more financially stressful than being named in a liability claim—that is, unless you find out you have insufficient coverage through your homeowners, auto or renters insurance. Then a lawsuit and bankruptcy become real possibilities.

    Personal umbrella insurance is an excellent defense against just such an occurrence. Our agency offers professional evaluations of your exposures and will advise you on the best products and build-outs for your financial security. Our personal umbrella coverage works at multiple levels to broaden the protection provided by your basic insurance policies.

    It can increase limits and coverage for many incidents, including but not limited to:

    • Auto accidents
    • Home injuries to guests and visitors
    • Legal costs
    • Swimming pool accidents
    • Trampoline injuries
    • Dog attacks
    • Illness caused by food you served
    • Liquor-related incidents
    • Boating or other recreational injuries

    If you or your family is known to have substantial assets or a public position of repute, you could be at greater risk for a liability claim—even if you are innocent. Keep in mind that people who host parties, weddings, and social gatherings or meetings also increase their exposure.

    Experience the Difference

    Instead of turning your home into a fortress, let our agency provide financial defense solutions that allow you to continue in your enjoyment of life with confidence that your assets are protected. When you partner with our agency for personal umbrella insurance, you get access to expertise and excellent products that have been perfected over more than 40 years of operations in our region. We’d like to bring that quality experience to you. Contact us today at 800.464.3606.