Renters Insurance

    You may not own the dwelling you live in, but a fire, theft or other disaster could wipe out all its contents. Then what? Without renters insurance, could you afford all new furniture, clothing and household items? What about lost cash and jewelry? No. Going without renters insurance can be a fiasco.

    Our agency offers homeowners insurance for renters to cover your belongings whether you rent an:

    • Apartment
    • Condo
    • Townhouse
    • Mobile home or
    • Single-family dwelling

    It doesn’t matter if you are in 500 square feet or on 15 acres, we have a renters policy that’s suited to your needs—even if that includes high-end items such as art, furs or collections.

    Keep in mind that, if you live in a multifamily residential complex or a townhouse development, no amount of personal diligence on your part can protect you from the carelessness or recklessness of others. A fire in an adjacent unit can mean smoke and water damage in yours. You also can’t defend against some natural occurrences, such as windstorms that knock trees through your home allowing storm water to rain in all night while you are away. Your carpets, clothes, mattresses and furniture could all be ruined by a sewage backup or a burst pipe. You just don’t know what kind of bizarre events are around the corner.

    More Than Property Is Involved

    Offering more than just property coverage, renters insurance provides vital personal liability insurance. While it covers injuries guests might receive from slips or falls at your place, it can also be a life (or asset) saver if your dog bites someone or mauls another animal or your teenager is accused of negligence that sends someone to the hospital.

    With renters insurance policies starting at less than a dollar a day in some cases, it’s a protection that is well worth the price. Your agent will help you with comparisons on coverage and costs as well as give you tips on home inventories and loss-prevention plans. If we spot a coverage gap based on the list of property you provide, we’ll make a recommendation on endorsements that can expand your policy.

    Experience the Difference

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