Medical & Dental Insurance

    Up until recently, health insurance was pretty straightforward for most Americans. Get it through work. Well, times have changed, and due to costs and regulatory reforms, more and more employers are opting to shift health and dental insurance costs onto workers. If you are one of the many Americans now having to seek medical insurance and/or dental insurance on the private individual market, rest assured—we are leaders in the field.

    We have been keeping tabs on the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare,” and our state and federal health insurance exchanges. The online marketplaces may be suitable for your needs, but working with us to secure private coverage could get you better provider options at or near the same cost as the exchanges—without the confusion.

    Keep in mind that health insurance goes beyond simply medical care and can include:

    • Medicare Supplement coverage
    • Long-term care (not all care is in a hospital)
    • Short-term care (imagine your needs if your pelvis is broken in a fall)
    • Disability insurance
    • Dental insurance

    Personally Tailored Options Abound

    There are many options in medical and dental care that respond to your personal needs. For example, young, healthy people might prefer major medical care that is available for emergencies and catastrophic diagnoses but that doesn’t have a lot of coverage for chronic disease management. Older people with known problems, such as diabetes or heart disease, might need a more expensive policy with more ongoing care options.

    We work with you on your personal situation and foreseen needs—for example, maternity coverage or well-baby care. We’ll also help you assess your financial capacity to share in the costs of medical services—a higher deductible can mean substantial savings on premiums, but you have to be able to keep funds in reserve to pay your deductible.

    With dental insurance, the options run from full coverage for regular cleanings through oral surgery to discount programs that provide basic, less exotic care. We have programs intended for individuals as well as families. It’s just a matter of where you are in life and what is offered through your employer.

    No discussion of medical insurance is complete without looking at disability insurance. This income protection product is essential for everyone who is still of working age. The beauty of individual disability insurance is that it doesn’t end if you switch jobs and benefits are not taxed if you don’t use the premiums as a tax deduction. Ask yourself: if you become disabled and cannot work, where will the money to pay for personal care, car loans, utilities and mortgages come from? Social Security rarely comes through, and unless you’re injured on the job, workers compensation isn’t happening.

    Experience the Difference

    Protecting your health and income are two essential financial plan elements. Our expert team can help you get a grasp on all your needs and vulnerabilities then suggest a coordinated program for health, dental, short-term care, long-term care and disability insurance, and we can make it all work with Medicare and the ACA reforms for a price that fits your budget. That’s our elite service! Contact us today at 800.464.3606.