Improving Your Onboarding Practices

    Posted on: September 15, 2016 by Signature Insurance Group

    Improving Your Onboarding PracticesHiring is a necessary component to any sized business. While many employers may think of the process as trivial, the proper onboarding experience can result in better hiring practices, a well-trained staff, and increased retention. Therefore, in addition to securing the right Orange County EPLI policy, heed the following advice for improving your onboarding practices.

    Have a plan.

    Even if your business only has a handful of employees and you’re just starting out, you need to have a written plan (PDF) for your onboarding process. Take the time to hash out exactly what you want to include and finalize your document. You can always add to it or adjust it over time. This way, you’ll have something consistent to follow, no matter who’s actually doing the onboarding, says Small Business Trends.

    Train the onboarders.

    While an enthusiastic employee who is eager to explain the best parts about the company is ideal, onboarding requires more than that. Ensure the training employee conveys expectations, introduces the company thoroughly, and is well-versed in the role to answer any questions.

    Pace yourself.

    Throwing a new employee into the work on the first day might be too overwhelming for them. Instead, introduce the job one task at a time. Remember, employee retention is critical so make sure to allow them time to adjust to their new environment and feel comfortable in their role.

    Embrace the culture.

    According to the Association for Talent Development, company culture is one of the most important considerations for job seekers. Make sure you show yours off throughout the onboarding process, both to pique their interest and let them know what they can reasonably expect from this work environment.

    Be consistent.

    Keep the process consistent to ensure proper training and to gauge its effectiveness. Make adjustments and improvements as necessary to meet new workers’ needs.

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