Employer Tips: Coaching Young Employees

    Posted on: February 7, 2017 by Signature Insurance Group

    Shaping young employees into the stars they have the potential to be is a great way to coach new hires. As the eldest of Generation Z are approaching the workforce, now is the time to buckle down and train them to be the employees you know they are capable of being. Bringing out the best in them will benefit both your employees and your business, so heed the following advice. In addition, protect your operation and your training procedures with a customized OC EPLI policy.

    Set forth clear expectations.

    According to Small Business Trends, during the interview stage and when bringing employees on board, make sure to set clear expectations and be honest about the workplace culture. This is a necessity as a third of this demographic admitted that their college education did not prepare them to work long hours, and 25 percent of them are not skilled in managing their time effectively. Let them know up front what the job entails, the attendance they will be expected to have, and what kind of hours they will be required to work.

    Teach conflict resolution.

    It’s likely that Generation Z employees don’t have a lot of experience in the workplace. Therefore, train them how to go about handling sticky situations and resolve issues amicably.

    Enforce collaboration.

    Working with varying age groups is a skill that should be acquired by everyone. Enforce collaboration with upper management, new hires, executives, owners, and the like. This will give them the necessary experience they need to thrive in a diverse workplace.

    Provide constructive feedback.

    Employees don’t know what they need to work on if you never tell them. Among the highest-performing companies in the survey, nearly one-third provide feedback to young workers on a regular basis (that is, after every project, assignment, or task), and 22 percent provide daily feedback. Encourage your employees to work on the things they can improve on and give constructive feedback so they are able to grow.

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