Employee Benefit Plans & Services

    Creativity is king in the employee benefits sector these days. our agency is keeping ahead of the pack by applying research, analysis and market relationships to what has become a knotted web of employee benefits regulations and economic constraints.

    The challenges confronting benefits staffs at client companies is our call to excellence. Undaunted, we supply our partners with creative options that not only allow businesses to continue offering benefits packages but to do so at a reasonable, and yes affordable, price. The key is integrating our know-how into your strategic planning. We work with you on a comprehensive benefits program, not just products. We aim for:

    • Risk awareness and mitigation
    • Plan design that speaks to all employee segments (think age, gender, pay and prospective hires)
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Legislative advocacy
    • Technology aptitude
    • Outreach and education for employees
    • Benefits administration

    Consumerism Plays One Small Part

    We are convinced that keeping expenses low exceeds simple cost-shifting. It is associated with smart insurer and provider partnering, aggressive advocacy with providers and insurers, a healthy workforce and rational shared-cost options. As part of our benefits services, we can help you:

    • Design and implement an effective wellness plan
    • Target chronic disease for management
    • Choose voluntary programs that enhance worker health
    • Form medical savings accounts that encourage patients to choose services wisely
    • Design contribution and co-payment levels to encourage wellness
    • Dovetail leave and compensation policies with benefits

    Experience the Difference

    We research, analyze and advocate on all topics that impinge on employee benefits and provide the fruit of that effort to our clients. Our benefits consultants consistently and continuously look at the horizon to figure out what issues are arising, and we tap into the smartest people in the legal, legislative and benefits fields to make sure we bring you cogent, timely and important information that affects your business and employees. Our innovative solutions are tailored to keep you ahead of the competition when it comes to executive hires and general staff. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to see the difference our service can make.