Employee Benefits Communications

    Ever go into a restaurant, receive a menu from the hostess and gaze at it wondering what all the words even mean? Barded charcuterie with aioli-touched chapulines, anyone? That’s how many employees feel when they read employee benefits documentation. From sign-up to renewal to claims, the paperwork, language and administrative system is stressful and oftentimes defeating.

    Our agency has heard loud and clear from industry studies and clients that employees want and need clearer, more engaging, more user-friendly communications on their workplace benefits. Our specialists have the knowledge and the skill to impart it, and we make information transmission a key defining factor in our professional relationships. We learn your business and your employees, and we respond to your specific needs, including:

    • Mobile access
    • 24/7/365 account availability
    • Online forms
    • Easy-to-understand benefit-choice comparison graphics
    • Paper options
    • Seminars and other in-person learning sessions
    • Claims assistance
    • Case management assistance
    • Call center and automated phone help
    • Annual reviews with benefits staff
    • Regulatory updates
    • News links and alerts

    Using plain English (and other languages if needed), we will help you communicate choices, deadlines and administrative requirements to your employees. If you are opting for tiered benefits, such as concierge executive plans alongside consumer-directed health plans for general employees, we can help you design an effective enrollment campaign that doesn’t include confusing crossover information. If you are interested in auto-enrollment with opt out for retirement plans, we can hook you up, and if you need ideas on open season messaging, our agency has tried-and-true methods.

    Experience the Difference

    No benefits plan can maximize its potential value without superior communications. More than marketing, it’s about interface and trusted relationships. Springboarding off our agency’s knowledge and skill, our clients achieve efficient, effective outreach. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to experience our service.