The Dangers of Summer Driving

    Posted on: June 14, 2016 by Signature Insurance Group

    With school out and vacation days to take advantage of, there are countless reasons to get on the road this summer. While road trips are to be had in the coming weeks, it’s important to acknowledge the safety concerns with summer driving. Even though summer driving may seem like a breeze compared to winter navigating, the intense heat and flocks of people on the road pose some issues. Therefore, before setting out, ensure you are equipped with a comprehensive So Cal Auto Insurance policy and consider the following dangers.

    Tire blowouts.

    With immense summer heat comes the risk of popping tires. As AAA explains, hot weather causes the air inside your tires to expand, which can lead to a blowout in well-worn wheels. Be sure to check tire pressure regularly, at least once a month, and before setting out on road trips. Even though you might not be expecting much rain during the summer, the hot season still poses risks for bald tires- so be cautious about your tire’s tread.

    Sharing the road.

    Bikers and cyclists are likely to be on the road this summer, so plan on sharing the road with them. Especially when making right-hand turns, parallel parking, or pulling out of parking spots, take the extra time to see if any pedestrians or cyclists are around.

    Construction zones.

    Be wary of construction sites as they tend to pop up more during the summer. Always mind the speed limits and slow for construction zones to avoid accidents!

    More teens on the road.

    School is out, so the kids are on the road. As they have less experience driving, be mindful about sharing the road with teens. Since they are involved in the most accidents each year, be extra cautious on the road this summer.

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