A Complete Vacation Home Rental Guide

    Posted on: January 24, 2017 by Signature Insurance Group

    There aren’t many other places in the country where you can get top dollar for your vacation rental year-round, but southern California is a rare exception. Even though it may be cold and wet nationwide, southern California still has great weather the majority of the time. With that said, it’s time to get into your vacation rental guide to start the new year off right. Even more importantly, however, is ensuring your assets and investment are protected with a customized Orange County Vacation Home Insurance policy.

    Hiring helping hands.

    Unless you live close to your rental property, it might be wise to invest in some professional helpers. Property managers can handle all of your bookings and appointments while housekeepers can keep your rental looking fresh and ready for new guests. Of course, these services come at a premium. However, if you can’t physically do it yourself or don’t have the time, there’s no sense in missing out on rental income altogether!

    Another tip to consider: hiring a tax adviser. He or she can help you navigate the tax implications of a vacation home and help manage the bookkeeping procedures.

    Preparing the home for guests.

    A vacation home should speak to the potential guest’s interests and be decorated in a fairly simple way. However, it’s important not to forget convenience and the items and features your guests will be looking for in your rental. Stock the kitchen with plenty of plates, silverware, a coffee pot, and basic cooking essentials.

    Provide comfortable, plush bedding for guests and include at least a side table and reading lamp. For the bathrooms, ensure they are spotless and provide at least two hand towels per guest, washcloths, two bath towels per guest, and a hair dryer.

    Lastly, provide a TV and a couch large enough to fit a family comfortably. Be sure to include games, movies, and a first aid kit as well. Try providing beach gear such as towels, surfboards, body boards, and sunscreen for your guests – it is California, after all.

    Listing your home.

    Home listing sites are an easy way to reach millions of potential guests. Vacation rental websites tend to be inexpensive ($200-$500/year) and more cost-effective than traditional print advertising, explains Home Away.

    Be sure to include the size of the house, its amenities, proximity to local attractions, a lot of pictures, and the price in the listing. Update your availability calendar frequently to keep guests updated and to be sure you can accommodate them. Once guests have a great experience, ask them to leave a review for your property as it will create more buzz about your listing. It’s also recommended that you have a professional photographer come in and take pictures of the home. This looks much more professional and legitimate!

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