Workers Compensation Insurance

    Workers compensation insurance may be mandated by law, but it is not a cookie-cutter policy. Our agency brings 40 years of expertise to your workers compensation insurance program and will help you not only get appropriate coverage but will assist in:

    • Preventing workplace injuries
    • Complying with regulatory requirements
    • Getting injured workers back to productivity
    • Keeping premiums low
    • Monitoring claims

    Injury Prevention

    Our workers compensation specialists work hard to help clients design and implement workplace safety programs. Using OSHA guidelines and industry best practices, we support our business partners’ employee safety in every industry. This includes mechanical operations, chemical/hazmat handling, construction, food processing and service, medical technology, aviation and marine, and many other industries.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Even if your company is top-tier in injury prevention techniques, you could still find yourself in hot water if you fail an audit or goof on a regulatory requirement. Your representative will apprise your team of trends in compliance and audit problems and can assist you in conducting a self-audit to prevent end-of-year surprises. Properly categorizing employees is imperative, as is assuring adequate coverage for all those performing duties for your business—which could include subs or temporary employees.

    Return-to-Work Programs

    You work hard to hire the best talent, so losing an employee to an injury hurts your company as well as the employee. Getting staff back to work expeditiously but prudently benefits the company and the employee, but that requires smart medical care and claims management. The insurers we work with are known for their excellence in coordination with care providers so your employees get the targeted care they need to return to productive employment quickly.

    Keeping Premiums Low—Your Experience Mod

    A key factor in keeping workers comp insurance rates low is ensuring an accurate portrayal of a client’s loss history. Your broker will review your claims history with you to make sure no errors are in your record inflating your premiums. We will help you calculate, and adjust if necessary, your experience modification factor so you get the best rate on your workers comp insurance. If you conduct business in multiple states, you will also be happy that we are licensed nationwide and can help you find appropriate coverage for workers who do cross-border work.

    Experience the Difference

    Workers compensation insurance protects both employee and employer. Done right, it is an invaluable tool to keep company liability low. At our agency, we pride ourselves in our expertise at risk management programs and workers comp coverage. We look forward to working with you as we build a secure tomorrow through financial stability and enduring protection for your business. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to experience our service.