Commercial Property & Business Interruption Insurance

    Business property insurance might seem like a pretty straightforward line item in your overall portfolio, but a cursory treatment “out of the box” could leave you stranded in the event of disaster.

    Our agency has served our region’s businesses for more than 40 years and has one of the most expert staff of risk management experts in the nation. We never treat a client as “typical.” Each and every company that comes through our door is handled as a unique risk with its own business plan, financial capacity and exposure to losses. That’s what puts our agency a cut above our competitors.

    We will work with you to understand your entire list of property, from structures to equipment to mobile assets and personal items kept at and off your premises. Have highly technical business machines? Not a problem for our agency. We know our clients’ niches. How about high-end art or other valuables? We work with insurers that not only cover losses of such items but also provide crisis response to shield them from known hazards and restorers who step in should damage occur. Susceptible to wildfire, earthquake or flood? We have products specifically designed for damage prevention and compensation.

    Mobile Property

    Our inland marine insurance options offer solutions for mobile equipment, tools and products en route and specialty items that might be difficult to assign a value to. Maybe you lease your workspace but have made improvements that represent a possible investment loss in a catastrophe. That’s fine. We will take all your property investments into consideration when crafting your commercial property and casualty policy.

    Business Interruption

    If you lose access to your equipment or your premises, you lose income. With solid financial reserves, you might be able to withstand a short-term cessation, but a loss of income can be deadly. That’s why your broker will discuss business income protection insurance, a coverage designed to keep funds flowing in the event a disaster prevents your company from operating. Business interruption insurance can be kept pretty simple, or it can be developed using endorsements to cover supply chain disruptions, utility failures, and soft costs associated with payments during closure and shortfalls in revenue after reopening.

    We crunch tons of data to accurately assess your risk level, your valuations and your coverage needs. Your broker’s goal is to know your company inside and out so all proposed solutions are part of a holistic approach to your overall protection. We know building structural issues and what insurers will and won’t cover, so we don’t waste your time or theirs with failed submissions, and because we know what we’re doing, we can also find business owners the best rates.

    Experience the Difference

    Our goal is to be a partner with you as we build a secure tomorrow through financial stability and enduring protection for your business. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to experience our service.