Errors & Omissions Insurance

    All the schooling, all the board certifications, all the time and effort and money—all in jeopardy over a single professional error or omission! That’s a scary thought and one that causes professionals nationwide anxiety. A solid errors and omissions insurance policy from Signature Insurance can help.

    Professional liability insurance is essential for almost all services firms, medical care facilities and even construction firms these days. If your business promotes itself as a qualified advisor, service/care provider or technical aide, you almost surely have professional liability exposures. And your commercial general liability insurance policy won’t be of much help. Those typically specifically exclude professional liability.

    Our agency covers all professionals for E&O insurance, including but not limited to:

    • Lawyers
    • Architects and engineers
    • Doctors
    • Accountants
    • Real estate firms
    • Financial advisors and asset managers
    • Insurance brokers
    • Design/build contractors
    • Software engineers and IT professionals

    It’s More Than Just Jury Awards

    While astronomical jury awards get the headlines, it’s the little things in E&O liability claims that add up. Attorney fees, forensic analysis, media relations, investigative expenses, and costs of expert witnesses can devastate any firm, but smaller enterprises are especially vulnerable. There’s no need to go it alone.

    Your agent specializes in assessing the exposures you face in your industry and can advise you on how to minimize legal costs from the first dollar forward. Our insurer partners offer value-added services as well that can help your in-house staff assess situations at the outset with online or call-center legal advice. Our own on-staff claims advisors stand at the ready to help you untangle the red tape associated with a claim.

    We offer high limits where needed and will help you find appropriate commercial umbrella liability coverage to prevent gaps or shortages in payouts from large judgments and settlements.

    Experience the Difference

    We are more than just a product house; we are professionals like you and understand the need for coverage as well as risk management. Our specialists will work with you to identify weaknesses and implement programs to minimize the potential for errors and omissions. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 for a review of your professional liability insurance and to experience our service.