Difference In Conditions Insurance 

    If you have a business property insurance policy and you don’t have coverage for earthquake and flood, you are operating with a wide gap in your commercial insurance protection.

    Floods devastate businesses in every state all year round, with snowmelt contributing in colder climates and heavy rainstorms in warmer. And earthquakes, once the nearly singular domain of California and Hawaii, are occurring with greater frequency throughout many states.

    But flood insurance and earthquake insurance are not as easy to get as one might think. Your business property is subject to evaluation based on its zoning on a flood risk map, created by the National Flood Insurance Program, and on its structural design as regards the ability to withstand a tremblor. Some wood frame construction and older buildings in California are experiencing difficulties renewing and getting new earthquake insurance because their older structural designs or construction materials do not meet new quake-resistance standards.

    Shaky Construction? 

    At our agency, we have grown in Southern California as the region has grown, and we have kept abreast of all construction and code changes regarding earthquake resistance. We work with your team to provide insurers comprehensive information on your design and construction materials so they can easily determine your insurability and rates. If you fall into a category that is difficult to insure, your representative will turn to the excess and surplus lines market to try to find a policy that meets your needs. We work hand in glove with insurers approved by and coordinated with the California Earthquake Authority and are experts at providing underwriters the necessary information, which saves our clients time and headaches.

    Flood Map Revisions

    Our flood insurance menu doesn’t stop with the standard NFIP policy. We go the extra mile to advise you on excess flood insurance for businesses to protect your contents as well as your structure. For those in flood zones that are undergoing updated mapping, we can help you learn about your new zone designation and give you information to help you advocate with local and federal officials for appropriate protection against both natural and manmade flooding.

    Experience the Difference

    When it comes to building out your commercial property insurance coverage, we are paying attention. Our difference in conditions policies wrap around your other business insurance to insulate you from specific risks that would remain uncovered without DIC insurance. We help companies avoid gaps and obtain financial protection for a secure future. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to experience our service.