Commercial Auto Insurance

    Business auto insurance goes beyond coverage for an accident. It’s a partnership established between your company, your insurer and your broker that enables you to conduct business with confidence that you have a financial backstop in the event an accident occurs or your vehicles are damaged.

    At our agency, we work toward a comprehensive insurance solution to insure your whole business—physical assets, financial strength and people. That means considering all of your commercial automobile exposures, including:

    • Company car or truck
    • Truck fleet
    • Multiple business vehicles
    • Non-owned auto for business
    • Collision insurance
    • Comprehensive (other-than-collision) insurance
    • Business auto liability
    • Uninsured/underinsured motorist
    • Personal injury/bodily injury
    • Medical payments/lost time

    Even if your company doesn’t own a truck or car, business auto insurance is something to consider since employees run errands, go on business trips and drive to meetings. In all of these actions, your company is exposed to liability claims from others if they are injured or their property is damaged by your employee during the course of business duties. That’s also the case with rental cars—their over-the-counter policies cover the rental company’s loss, not your liability for claims by others.

    More Than a Product

    Our team includes specialists in transportation, so we can do more for you than type your make and model into a rate generator. We help you understand your exposures to loss and provide risk management solutions that you can use to prevent losses in the first place. We’ll also advise you on ways to save on your insurance premiums. Should you have a claim, you can turn to our agency for help; we have an in-house claims group that assists clients in navigating the claims process to promote the best outcome possible.

    If you have customized vehicles, we can help you get the right policy at the outset and find the right repair shop if you need one so that paint or fixtures are put back to original condition. Whether you are insuring dump trucks, trailers, an executive car, or company vehicles that employees can sign out for temporary use or are just interested in protecting your business from auto liability claims, our transportation specialists and insurance brokers can find the right commercial auto policy and risk management program for you.

    Experience the Difference

    When you work with an insurance specialist, two things will stand out: professionalism and concern for our clients. Though we are licensed in all 50 states, we have been members of our OC community for more than 40 years and take our commitment to our region very seriously. We look forward to partnering with your business as we build a secure tomorrow through financial stability and enduring protection for our commercial sector and our residents. That’s our service. Give us a call at 800.464.3606.