Tips for Attracting Young Home Buyers

    Posted on: February 9, 2016 by Signature Insurance Group

    Millennials are becoming an increasingly large part of today’s housing market. As these young buyers search for their dream home, sellers are becoming more familiar with the preferences and desires of these young adults. Therefore, if you are planning on selling your home or have already listed your property on the market, follow these steps to attract young buyers. Further, ensure your Southern California Homeowners Insurance is in effect during the selling process and transferred to your new home.

    Remove Unattractive Décor

    Dated décor and bulky furniture should be removed prior to showing the property to potential suitors. Neutral walls and sleek décor are more likely to draw in younger crowds. To update the home’s look, try staining the cabinets a darker color and putting up fresh window coverings. Further, old items should be tossed out and the space should be decluttered.

    Appeal to Hobbies

    Millennials tend to want more space for hobbies in the home including painting, working out, swimming, crafting, or music. If you have the extra bedroom, use it! Whether you create a “man cave” or a crafting station, this designated space is likely to boost millennial interest in your home.


    About Home recommends putting in some features that will increase your home’s tech IQ including automated appliances, door sensors, smart lighting, and self-programming thermostats. Have a small budget? Fear not. There are other small gadgets that have maximum effectiveness that are available such as lighting, speakers, etc.

    Keep it Neutral

    Neutral walls and modest colors are the best bet for attracting young buyers. Rather than placing harsh décor that might pop in person but look rather harsh on camera, consider using neutral colors so that the space photographs well.

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