Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

    “Thank you for putting forth all that extra effort on this case when you didn’t have to. The purpose of my call is to only give you thanks for a great job.”


    “Danni, our HR Manager has mentioned to me and I will pass this on to you, that Deborah McGinn is wonderful! I like hearing things like that and I am sure you do too!

    Alarm & Security System Dealer

    “Thanks, Debbie. You always respond so quickly and so professionally and make us all look good here at Brakke-Schafnitz. Thanks for all you do and for your awesome effort! I really appreciate it! Once again you are maintaining that #1 spot as a claims manager!!!”

    BSIB Producer

    “Leave it to you to ALWAYS go the extra mile. I really appreciate how you handle everything for us. Thank You!”

    Janitorial & Street Sweepers

    “You took care of our lawsuit so promptly and was really great to work with.”

    Motorcycle Escort Service

    “Debbie McGinn has monitored our claims at BSIB for 18 years and has always been accessible, responsive and pro-active in managing our claims.”


    “I am sure the approval was granted in part due to your efforts. I owe you big time and the debt grows and grows.”

    Commercial & Residential Builder

    “Glad you suggested the independent evaluation, Debbie, as that made for a positive result with this claim. Your efforts are greatly appreciated as always.” “I appreciate your professional attitude!”

    (N. Gray/PMB) – Banking Institution

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