Claims Services

    Fast claims processing, beneficial outcomes, clear reporting needs—wouldn’t it be great if all insurance claims had these virtues? If you work with our agency, you can generally be assured we will make sure they do.

    We have a full-service in-house claims unit dedicated to making sure our clients’ claims receive the best and most responsive treatment available. We stick with you from initial report of loss to resolution, answering questions and advising where necessary on additional services you might need, such as legal, accounting, forensic or investigative. Our professional relationships with external service providers can benefit you should you experience a complex claim.

    After you suffer a loss, we will also help you understand the full range of causes and develop programs that reduce your exposure to further loss incidents. Our risk management experts specialize in personal property and liability insurance hazards as well as actions you can take to minimize problems.

    Experience the Difference

    Talk to us about our holistic approach to insurance. It is more than just a product sales pitch—we offer services to improve your financial security at every stage in life. Contact us today at 800.464.3606 to experience our service.