How a Business Owners Policy Benefits a Small Business

    Posted on: February 26, 2018 by Signature Insurance Group

    It’s no secret that small businesses have a big impact on the U.S. economy. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy  there are 28.8 million small businesses in the United States, which account for 99.7% of all businesses in the country. Each small business is unique, and their insurance needs can vary […] Read More

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    4 Auto Liability Insurance Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

    Posted on: February 19, 2018 by Signature Insurance Group

    If your business has employees who do any type of driving on behalf of the business, from making deliveries to running errands or transporting other employees or clients to other destinations, commercial auto liability insurance is a must-have. Many business owners may unknowingly make some costly mistakes when purchasing auto liability insurance, and for smaller […] Read More

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    Understanding Commercial Umbrella Insurance

    Posted on: February 12, 2018 by Signature Insurance Group

    Commercial umbrella insurance is not always at the top of the list for business owners when thinking about protecting their assets. However, a commercial umbrella policy is a great benefit for owners of businesses both small and large. What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance? Commercial umbrella insurance is a type of liability insurance that can extend […] Read More

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    Understanding Business Interruption Insurance

    Posted on: February 2, 2018 by Signature Insurance Group

    When a business is forced to shut down operations following a major disaster, the loss of revenue can be enough to potentially close their doors forever. Business Interruption (BI) is an essential component in a business owner’s policy insurance package. Business interruption insurance, sometimes called business income insurance, is a type of insurance that helps […] Read More

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