2017 Success Tips for Business Owners

    Posted on: December 6, 2016 by Signature Insurance Group

    As the new year approaches, now is a great time to evaluate the state of your business and make improvements wherever necessary. Instead of making a long list of New Year’s Resolutions for your business that might fall by the wayside within a few weeks, heed the following advice for ensuring your success this coming year. Even more importantly is protecting your operation with a comprehensive SoCal Business Insurance package.

    Hire a business coach.

    In an interview with Small Business Trends, Raymond Ray explains, “I know that Type A entrepreneurs tend to think they can do it all themselves, but the fact of the matter is: you can’t. That’s why getting a business coach is such a smart idea for the coming year. Because they can see your business from the outside, they can provide a non-biased view of how you’re doing in your business. They can push you to try harder, and guide you in the right direction.”

    Tweak your procedures.

    Whether you realize it or not, the way you do things has a big impact on your business. Take some time to evaluate your current practices- whether it’s onboarding new hires or keeping up with the books- to ensure they are effective. Examine how these processes effect productivity and make the necessary tweaks to improve your business.

    Evaluate your sales and marketing techniques.

    The end of the year is a great time to see how your existing sales and marketing efforts paid off. Evaluate your email campaigns, social media, and paid advertising strategies to see how you can improve in 2017.

    Hire the right staff.

    Do you need a little more help in one area? Is someone not doing their best? Would a certain employee’s skill sets be maximized in another position? Now is the best time to get these changes in motion.

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